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2003-02-05 - 5:01 p.m.

Do you think having a "Caffiene Free Diet Pepsi" would be considered a FALL OFF THE WAGON from my DIET COKE abstinence?

I'm beating myself up about it, but there it was, innocently placed on the self-serve soda-fountain thing at BAJA FRESH, and it looked at me, I looked at it, and it was MAGIC.

I mean, i was going to enjoy a diet beverage in a cup provided by BAJA FRESH, fill in with flat-ish/dish-like ice cubes and brimming with a dark, bubbly-ness.... in place of the WATER i've been humoring myself with for the past 4 months since I gave up DIET COKE (after receiving that damn email from one too many friends. You know, the email that talks about ASPARTINE and DIET COKE and all the health risks, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I did it... I threw in the BIG GULP and ended it with DIET COKE. I broke it off. No note, no flowers, no phone call. Buh-bye.

So now, 4 months later, I heard the throaty-whisper of the CAFFIENE-FREE DIET PEPSI and I fell for it. Whew.

Am I an addict??

It wasn't DIET COKE.

It had NO CAFFIENE in it.

It didn't taste THAT good.

I never told it I loved it or kissed it on the mouth.

Thanks for listening.