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2003-02-06 - 3:28 p.m.

I can't believe how utterly sad I am for Lacie Peterson, the "missing pregnant woman from Modesto"

Her Friggin LOSER of a husband, who now, only after getting caught in the lie, admitted to cheating on her, has also SOLD HER CAR and tried to SELL THEIR HOUSE all while she is missing (kidnapped!!).

This guy has "wife-killer/body-hider at the bottom of the ocean" written ALL OVER HIM. I hope they can prove/discover/kick his ass into jail, where he will be known as a pregnant-wife killer and hopefully become a very popular item on the late-night menu.

Haven't any of these cheating/wife-killer's ever heard of asking for a divorce instead of murdering their wives???? Sure, there's more paperwork involved, but less blood.

I'm so sad for Lacie's family. I can't imagine their devastation, disbelief and unconsolable grief.