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2003-02-16 - 5:44 p.m.

Is Vicodin for Muscle relaxation or Nerve?? Ever heard of Vioxx??? Is it Heat or Ice for back pain???

What the hell do we do about Sciatica???

I feel like I should be 75 years old and in Florida (no stereotypes of elderly floridians intended to do harm) to be talking about Sciatica, but nonetheless, it's Sciatica that's on my mind.

My girl, my lady, my valentine has been in terrible pain, well, since Valentines Day (move it along, cupid--- nothing to see here)

and we've been doing HEAT, HEAT, HEAT and REST, REST, REST... and now, a friend

just called in and said it's ICE, ICE, ICE for Sciatica?

Oy, 3 days of HEAT.... salt in the wound, gas on the flame, wrong on the ouch.

So, we're just a couple of chicks in the Hills improperly medicating.

Also, friends in the know have been dropping off half-finished prescriptions of all kinds of things this afternoon and I feel like popping them all into my prada bag and going shop-lifting at Saks.

Go figure.

Sciatica ain't pretty.