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2003-02-26 - 6:47 p.m.

Last and final entry of the day (i think):

Update on my ladies' back:

The house sorta still smells like ICY HOT, but the lady is much, MUCH better.

She's MOBILE (not the gas station chain or the city in alabama, but the word meaning "moving around") so yeah, we're happy about that.

Did I mention that for VALENTINES DAY (actually the day BEFORE) we found ourselves in a town with a WAL-MART so we decided that this year we'd get each other gifts from our nations largest retail chain.

We entered the store, gave ourselves a $30 & 30 minute limit and went hog wild.

Who knew the gammut that the merchandise runs at WAL-MART.

The treasure chest of gifts included:

•matching necklaces that said "Best Friends"

•silk boxer shorts with currency all over them

•jumbo box of red vines

•singing hamster dressed as a cowboy

and many, many more. Wow, $30 goes far at WAL-MART.

I think this ends my flood of updates.

xoxo goodnite