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2003-03-01 - 11:23 a.m.

Meet my little brothers. Okay, so i'm being all sappy today and living in the past.

That picture was taken in 1983.

Today, the one on the left is 25 years old with a wife and 2 kids. He's handsome and charming and tough-exterior looking and has tattoos on his arms and threatens still to this day to get one that says "This is the Tattoo that finally drove my sister over the edge". He works hard, loves his family and believes that WWF is real.

The one on the right is 22 and sweet and handsome and intense and all 'dashboard confessional' and 'emo-punk-ish' and a fresh freelance designer for a bunch of skate companies. Oh, and single (did i mention intense??)

These boys (now men, okay) were raised by me and my dad. Also raised were 3 sisters who i'll save for another update.

I'm 38, exhausted and proud.

Oh, and when i think of them, they're still the age pictured above. That's how that works.