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2003-03-15 - 9:53 a.m.

I can't believe they found her.............

Elizabeth Smart is home with her family.

I can't imagine what.... how.... where she could possibly have gone in her own head to survive, but god bless her, she did it.

I want so terribly to take the MONSTER and his MRS. MONSTER who kidnapped her... I want them.... gone. I want the authorities to give them both humiliating hair cuts (moreso than they have now) I want them to have to wear prison jumpsuits made of asbestos, I want them to be lactos intollerant and only be given dairy to eat for the rest of their imprisoned lives. I want them to be in solitary confinement and be shown re-runs of The HBO prison drama "OZ" (all the seasons) with the sound muted, so all they get to see are the beatings and the rapes and the fights without the witty or insightful narratives. I want them gone.

------I want Elizabeth to be able to somehow deal with what has happened to her. I want her to be miraculously teamed with an amazing therapist on the first try who will understand her and be able to help her. I want her family to love her and be there for her and not let the media exploit her.

--------------I want the media to stop speculating, the damn motherfuckers!!

--------------I want there to be a time in her life when she can put hours, then days together when she has no memories of her abduction at all.

--------------I want her family to move out of that house so Elizabeth doesn't have to sleep in her bedroom again.

---------------I want her friends to be able to BE REAL with her and allow her space and yet be there for her. I want her friends to NOT sell "their stories" to Teen People.

--------------I want her little sister to not worry about trying to protect or rescue her anymore. I want her little sister to be able to be a kid again, not "the only witness to the abduction who needs to remember who could possibly have done this".

-----------------I want all children to be safe.

-----------------I want all predators to mysteriously turn into piles of ash if they even THINK about abducting or abusing.

----------------------------------------I want the police to find Lacie Peterson, alive and well. I want Lacie's family to be comforted, as I know that this must be giving them hope....

-------------------I want the families who have lost children and never gotten them back.... to someday heal.

-------------------I want my next entry to be funny again.