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2003-03-21 - 9:26 p.m.

finally, what the 24 hour cable news stations and all their WAR COVERAGE have been waiting for:

"shock & awe"

To listen to the correspondents, each with their very own "EXCLUSIVE" (from inside a tank along side our troops; from inside Saddam Hussein's small intestine) has been soooo much, too much.

To listen to the "it's all cut and dry, let's hear the statistics" guys as they do their run down of the weapons being used reminds me of being a kid and standing in front of the FIREWORK STAND:

where the guy behind the counter, usually missing a finger or two (sorry for the stereotype) described the different fireworks contained in the Family Pak's... and what they could do.

So... with this war, this attack on iraq... it seem's like we've been using alot of the giant ones from the box.