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2003-04-09 - 6:19 p.m.

Today america and the world awoke to the BREAKING NEWS of a monumental (pun intended) "STATUE TOPPLING" taking place in the middle of Bagdad.

They all were really working together to bring that statue down and I wondered where those throngs were when my younger brother needed help moving last weekend. He could have used a crowd of enthusiastic townspeople to help him get all his 23-year old earthly possessions out of my dad's house and into his new pad. Oh sure, he had the help of several of his cute little emo-punk button-up shirt pals helping, but those guys need to stop every few feet to check their cute hair in the mirror (i'd be disowned if my brother new I was writing this).

Anyway, cute 23-year old moving boys aside, I guess that damn statue in the TIMES SQUARE of Bagdad was pretty damn important to get so much coverage. I saw later where they were showing someone/some group of people dragging the statues head thru the middle of town.

I can't wait for the evening news when they show people pissing into it's mouth or putting funny hats on it. The best would be if that statue could be next weeks guest judge on AMERICAN IDOL.

Wow, it must have been a pretty important statue.