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2003-04-13 - 3:01 p.m.

Just got home from a birthday party for my girlfriend/lesbian-lover/same-sex partner/meal-ticket's 3 year old nephew.

Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooo, there's some righteous partying, right there.

A group of Ten 3-year olds that all know each other from daycare. I sat and watched them all, imagining instead that they were all 30 years old and knew each other from AA. This made it more enjoyable for me.

My girlfriends sister (birthday boy's mom) is very sweet and a great mom and really supportive of the fact that her sister is a LEZZIE... so much so, that she very much enjoys introducing ME as her sister's "partner". It's fun to watch the "valley mom's" who have come to chaperone their children at the party as they are introduced to the lesbian sister and her partner. They seem somewhat suprised, then clutch their purses closer to their bodies. I wonder if they are trying to protect their vaginas? Do they think that we might just try and "hook up" with them for a quick threesome while the kids are doing the Pinata?? While little timmy is swinging the bat at the giant paper-mache barney filled with candy, my lady and I want to take the mom with the gucci bag into the baby's room and try and get at HER candy??? is that it?? Hmm. Not so much.

In addition to the subtle, underlying nervous mothers, it was a sweet party. Little cheese, "pb&j" and turkey sandwiches cut in the shape of hearts; a giant JUMPING/BOUNCING thing with whales on it; the aforementioned pinata.... and the lesbian aunts. What more could you ask for?

I need a nap.

Happy Birthday Jonah.