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2003-04-14 - 9:39 p.m.

Good evening to all y'all who are reading this wacky, shcwacky thing.

Who knew you could set up stats on this thing? Certainly not me until a few days ago.

Who knew so many were reading??

Suddenly it feels as if i'm sitting completely naked in the middle of, oh..... I dunno, say--- The Cafeteria at Cedar's Sinai Hospital (for no particular reason).

I imagine that the doctors & nurses are ignoring me, they're busy trying to figure out why THEY hadn't been asked to be a "consultant" for ER, Scrubs, or CSI.... but the cafeteria workers (local union # 174, i think) seem quite taken with me (i'm mostly always shocked by where I go with these things too). Sure, I'm nude, but the "cafeteria workers" seem to go deeper, past the fleshy parts and.... well, certainly they're looking right into my SOUL. It's them, the cafeteria-working soul-lookers who eerily represent, you, the readers. So...... I guess what I'm saying is that it's best to wear a hair net when reading here. You'd hate to almost finish with an entry and then find a long (or short curly) black hair, right there. And right there.

So... yeah. Thanks for reading...