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2003-04-19 - 10:59 a.m.

good morning. meet some of my friends from last night:

ouch. it's so bright in here.

the ladies last night REALLY knew how to throw them back.

I'll admit that I was sloshed after a single beverage (lightweight drinker) but many of last nights women of women are much more professional drinkers.

One lady we'll call Cinco Equis (that's because she drank 5 dos XX) each one followed by a GIANT shot of tequilla. Ouch.

I don't know how these chicks can do this night after night.

You'd think they'd be all into starting a charitable organization called "Lesbians4New Livers" (in place of the aids ride) it would be a scooter ride across los angeles (silverlake to santa monica) and you could sponsor them for every mile they ride WITHOUT stopping for liquor.

Good Times. Good Times.