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2003-04-22 - 3:45 p.m.

I found that picture up there and put it right in here and then thought someone might type "lesbian" in google and after the 10 million sexual images (don't ask) they might bring up this little place right here and they might happen upon this sweet image right up there and they might do the math and think "HEY (dude), are those 2 chicks in that picture up there LESBIANS?"

I shudder (eww) that they (the dudes) might think that-- The actresses in the picture (hi!) play MOTHER AND DAUGHTER (shame on you dudes) on The WB's THE GILMORE GIRLS.

From day one, right outta the gate, in the very beginning.... I ••LOVED•• "The Gilmore Girls".

Just did. Just did love it. Loved it's heart, loved it's quirk, loved every-damn-single bit of it's WORDINESS. (suprise!).

Last night I went to a panel-thing with the creator of THE GILMORE GIRLS... and, wouldn't you know it-- she was a NUT, with heart, quirk, wordiness and a total LOVE for her show, the world she created and the impact she can have with that creation.

Mega-inspirational. Very wow inducing for me.

THE GILMORE GIRLS-- if you haven't seen it... you should. Tape that damn AMERICAN IDOL and Watch GILMORE GIRLS. Seriously. Literally. Time well spent. Words well heard. Lives worth watching.

This ends my HUGE Gilmore Girls rave.