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2003-04-27 - 6:20 p.m.

This was going to be one of our famous/infamous "getaway but stay in town" weekends. We try and play a little trick on ourselves (whatever).... Example: We fill our refrigerator with corona's,pacifico's and margarita paraphenalia; put out chips and salsa; speak in tourist-y spanish to each other and comment on how nice the other guests in the hotel are-- all the while never leaving OUR CASA.

You know, Cabo without the packing (the suitcase kind), flying and schlepping; Sort of, only not really.

This "getaway but stay in town" weekend was supposed to be a little different-- we were actually going to pack (the suitcase kind), drive and only schlepp a little: we had wanted to take the loooooooong trip from the hills of hollywood alllllll the waaaaay out to Santa Monica/Venice.

We were gonna shack up in a swanky ocean-front hotel, fill the tub with essential oils (whatever), wrap ourselves in big, fluffy white robes, order room service for all our meals (snacks, too) and then TRASH THE PLACE when we were all done.

Unfortunately, certain hotel overbookings combined with a scheduling conflict didn't allow us to make the mini-drive or blow the $700/night and stay at the "blah blah del blah blah" with the ocean view, sunken tub, and pay-per view channels.

Instead, we lounged. We lounged at Lakeridge.

We soaked in our own tub (essential oils, whatever), we ordered all our meals in... and then we had the cleaning lady come and un-trash the place.

Still, yet--- very enjoyable.

Oh... and i'm still, yet...crazy in love with my girlfriend/lesbian-lover/same-sex partner/meal-ticket.... even without our "getaway but stay in town and blow $700/night" weekend.