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2003-05-09 - 7:44 p.m.

Quick update for all y’all as I spent waaaay too much time on the accompanying graphic (see above) and now I’ve run out of time for my actual entry (style over substance; substance over style). And now I’ve spent 3/4’s of a paragraph detailing how late I am and how I won’t have time to write the actual update/entry and here we are at almost a full paragraph now and I’ve yet to begin with word one of the actual entry yet. I exhaust myself. I EXHAUST myself in such a way that I’m sure I, personally would never pass one of those smog tests. That’s how hard I EXHAUST myself. I’d go to one of those SMOG TEST centers connected to a gas station, they’d put me up on one of those platforms, connect the machinery to me, and sure enough, the levels of self-exhaustion (not to mention the 2nd party exhaustion I cause) would insure certain failure of… the “what the F am I talking about” Smog Test.

Anyway, yesterday my girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/roommate/meal-ticket and I took a lickety-split/quick as a really-quick thing DAYTRIP down to Palm Springs. The occasion was to check out a new/old extra/extra/extra vacation/weekend house just purchased by our super-most excellent and also lady-lovers pals.

We checked out the house (Cool, 50’s, Fresh!) and then decided to take a trip into town and see what was up.

•••We were 4 Lezzie’s out looking for trouble… and we found it!•••

It was dusk (and mid ‘70’s) and a STREET FAIR was in full swing. Glee! Delight! Crowds!

They shut down the main drag (hi rupaul) and put up hundreds (may be exaggerating) of booths (such as):

“Things made of Cheese that shouldn’t be” (example: Clocks)

“Shriners just sitting there with their legs wide open”

“Your name on a grain of rice”

“Pack your own (not THAT kind of packing) bath salts”

“Nuts… of all kinds”

“Photo with a Rabbi”

“Puppets…. Really scary puppets”

“Things you’d need if you went to the Renaissance Faire”

“Bad Art made by Greedy People”

“Bad Ceramics made by People out of touch with the economy”

“Bad Jewelry made by People who have no concept of color, size, shape or trends”

And FOOD, every type of food… most of them on a stick, and none of the servers wearing hairnets.

(Long standing PERSONAL issue #3,652): Eating food prepared or served by a street vendor/cart-situation or person who SHOULD be wearing a hairnet but isn't)

Now, the citizens of the fine city of Palm Springs run quite a spectrum. From Hipster/Modern Enthusiasts (Gay & Straight) to Swingers (Gay & Straight) To Retired Folks (Gay & Straight) To Avid Golfers (Gay & Straight) to Lots&Lots&Lots of Tourists (Gay & Straight)…. And they were all on the street last night, let me tell you.

And all of them were buying up the stuff and eating food on a stick and listening to creepy “musicians” Think: Vangelis or Yanni… and all of it taking place in a balmy/windy gorgeous evening in Palm Springs.

Burning Question that still haunts me:

Why are Men with Elephentitis drawn to wearing shorts?

I’m so late. Goodnight!!