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2003-05-19 - 9:46 a.m.

It's me... and I'm a-waving the THANK YOU FLAG. (that's "Flag", not "Fag", although I'm sure there have been many-a "thank you" fags that have been waved over the years)

So... what i'm saying is Hi to everyone who has been so cool and generous with their kindness since my last entry which may have seemed like I was teetering (ish), which, in fact, I was (ish).

Today, a new week, with 8 full days since Mothers Day... and the soon to be unveiling (hi grandma rae) of my new... (drumroll, with 2 stick-like instruments on anything that will make a drumming sound)...

Template (ish).

I'm not saying (but I'm just saying) that a very cool friend has helped pull me from the lake of tears and get me back to writing by completely facilitating (in a good way) the design and html(ish) and links (ish) and all the rest (ish) of a new, fresh "Live @ Lakeridge".

More on that (and everything else) later today.

Just really wanted to SHOUT OUT (and leave the whimpers behind) to all those who take the time to guestbook and note and email and help encourage their fella-woman-kind when events.... suck it all out.

xoxo more soon