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2003-07-07 - 2:49 p.m.

See… it’s me, as promised… woman of my word, woman of my word—

Back, with the rest of the update that was promised PRE-JULY 4TH…

Hope y’all celebrated THE FOURTH safely and still have all the digits you started with.

WE, My Girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket/fella-reveler and I took a quickie trip down to PALM SPRINGS (I’ll pause while those of you who realize how DAMN HOT it is in PALM SPRINGS right now scratch or shake your heads in disbelief).. but it’s true.

We zoomed down there, breezing by Indian Casinos and Outlet Stores and arrived just in time to become main ingredients in the HUMAN COOKING FESTIVAL that was obviously taking place. Sizzling. Hot. People. All we needed were some grilled onions and a side of tortillas and you’d have a generous portion of LEZZIE FAJITAS. (Check the menu at your local CHILIS™, it should be listed right beside the BABY BACK RIBS… those LEZZIE FAJITAS make for messy eatin’.).

WE, My Girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket/fajita-sister and I braved the elements and tripped down there to spend THE FOURTH with 2 of our PREVIOUSLY-MENTIONED GIRL/GIRL BEST PALS who have all kinds of houses(ish) down there (and when I say “down there”, I mean PALM SPRINGS, and not “down there” like, “in your pants”). These ladies, the PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED GIRL/GIRL BEST PALS (damn, I should name them…) are always doing, doing, doing… and it’s an honor just to be nominated… and we LOVE ‘EM and try and celebrate most major holidays within shouting distance of them. Yes. They’s good folk.

So, we all “oy’d” and “vey-d” and sweat-ed-ed and consumed various liquids and sweat-ed-ed some more and laughed-a-bit and air-conditioned and swam and soaked and dined and then, at 9:00 at night, and 100 degree’s in the air (come on already) we watched fireworks like a bunch of six-year-olds. Oooh’s, Awe’s and Wow’s were abounding.

Good times, sweat abounding, and OUR LADIES. Can’t beat it.

The rest of the weekend was a blur as we raced back home and saw more friends and did less “oy-ing” not so much “vey-ing” and some getting-together and dining and film viewing. And…apparently, rumor has it, I had some TEQUILLA. Whatever.

Okay, so that’s the WHO REALLY CARES social-ish update, and now onto more important matters. Seriously. Kids. I. Mean. It.


For those of you who have left notes/guestbook entries/emails about BILL AND SUE (hi all of you kind, sweet souls), don’t be ashamed/embarrassed about your interest in them--. It’s riveting and sad and funny and tragic and 100% real. Friends here in the FLESH, if you will, are equally-riveted and request updates quite often… so, thanks for your thoughts/wishes to Bill and Sue, and in a totally-on-the-down-low way, Bill and Sue feel your support, through my support, if that makes sense (or even if it doesn’t). So, yeah. There.

I think when I last left y’all, Sue had run away and stayed in a Motel… but had come back, right??

Okay, well, today’s update is called:

That’s right. You heard me.

(I’ll pause while you imagine “Sue” going into a lezzie bar with Melissa or The Indigo Girls playing on the juke box, a few couples slow-dancing and a couple-a more folks shooting pool and then…. In comes Sue)...But, that wasn’t it… exactly.

Last Week Sue called on our LESBIAN HOTLINE and asked if she could come over for a few minutes. We’d been so busy that I hadn’t really seen her or noticed any of her comings and goings or observed a rainbow flag flying at their house… or anything else like that, so of course I wanted to see her and find out how she was doing.

Again, literally seconds from hanging up, and SUE was at our front door, ringing the bell and NOT holding a casserole dish. She came in and was BUBBLING OVER WITH EXCITEMENT.

ME: (giving her a hug of hello and support) “Hey Sue, how’s it going?”

SUE: (hugging back) “I’m just so excited! I had the most amazing experience last night. I went to “BLAH”( a West Hollywood Restaurant) last night… they have a WOMENS NIGHT every week… and it was just so… wonderful! All the women!!”

I grabbed a “swifter” and mopped up the puddle of drool that Sue had left on our entryway and then we sat down in the living room on the couch where all our previous SUE-SPILLING SESSIONS have taken place.

SUE: “Oh….. it was just so…. All the women. It was more than I could have hoped for. I sat there and drank my wine and just… LOOKED AT ALL THE WOMEN!! And… it’s a WEEKLY thing… and I’m going to go EVERY WEEK… can you believe it? Isn’t it wonderful???”

ME: “Sue, that’s great. It sounds like you had a really positive experience.”

SUE: “Yesssssssss! I got there early and sat at the bar… the bartender was a very friendly gay fellow (uh huh) and I guess he took a liking to me because within a few minutes he was calling me HONEY and I was telling him my story and he told me he was gonna make sure I had a great time.”

(Note: I didn’t have the heart to tell her that all bartenders in West Hollywood will call her Honey)

SUE went on to tell me that she spoke with a few women and that someone gave her a flier about a LESBIAN EVENT taking place in a couple of weeks. She asked if I could look it up on THAT INTERNET PLACE and get her some more information. We went into my office and she sat down and I typed in the web address. The event was being thrown by a reputable organization of LESBIANS… and it was a LESBIAN POOL PARTY. There were pictures on the website from last years party, and I thought Sue was gonna… well, you know… lose it.

SUE: “Oh, my… god! I’m going!!”

(I’ll pause while you and I imagine SUE wandering around at a LESBIAN POOL PARTY)

(time elapsed: 30 seconds)

ME: “Well, sure Sue… it looks like a lot of fun. Those girls can get pretty wild, but as long as you wear sunscreen and don’t drink too much… you can go”.

SUE laughed at me as she noticed I was sort of “Parenting” her. It was quite a moment.

She wrote down the phone number and ticket information and then I asked her about BILL.

ME: “Sue, how’s Bill doing?”

(and, in her defense, maybe my question was a BUZZ-KILL because she was all hot –n- bothered after talking about her night out and looking at the pool party girls online… but still… he was/is/still is her husband of 35 years… and, well… you know…)

SUE: “Ohhhhhhhh… He’s fine. He’ll have to be.”

ME: “Sue, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for you and all the great things that are happening, it’s just that…”

SUE: “Well, I finally got him to go see a THERAPIST of his own… and I think he’s finally taking me seriously… that THIS is WHO I AM… who I’ve always been… I was just afraid….”

SUE started to cry and I put my arm around her (not THAT way) and she continued.

SUE: “BILL and I are now living as FRIENDS (not the TV show)…. And as long as that can last… it will. I told him that I couldn’t be his WHOLE WORLD anymore… He needs to make friends… make a life…. I feel bad, but I feel worse for myself for all the years I wasted being so…. Scared and ashamed.”

She let out a big sigh… and it was obvious she didn’t want to talk about BILL anymore.

ME: “Sue, I know this is so hard for BOTH of you… and I hope you can feel our support.”

SUE squeezed my hand(not in THAT way), all the while clutching the flier in her other hand. It was “manna from heaven” for her. If they made a SUE doll, it would come with a FLIER clutched in it’s left hand with LESBIAN POOL PARTY written on it.

She thanked me again (not THAT way), hugged me again (not THAT way), then we walked to the door and she went back across the street to their quiet house with the cats, the miniatures, all the new lesbian literature, the pool party flier… and an unknown future.

That evening, when we were on our way out to dinner, we saw BILL and SUE sitting out on their deck/porch situation… sipping a couple of martini’s.

I guess they were just a couple of friends… hanging out.

Xoxoxoxo and other things soon.