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2003-08-04 - 7:55 a.m.

Crazy in the head today. Wiped out and crazy in the head.

I should probably tell My girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket/amazing- listener-if-I’d-only-talk…. That Sometimes I feel like a Sea Monkey.

Sort of like this: I’m just ONE of many SEA MONKEY’S sitting in that plastic container… WAITING FOR SOMEONE/SOMETHING to ADD WATER. Activate me.

In addition to a Sea Monkey, I’ve occasionally felt like an OFF BRAND VERSION of KOOL-AID,

with the “cartoon-character glass pitcher” on the packet, but this “cartoon-character glass pitcher” wears a gap-toothed frown. Again, just me…WAITING FOR SOMEONE/SOMETHING to ADD THE WATER. Help me find my flav-a.

And in a further reaching comparison, I’ve felt, occasionally like a “CUP-A-NOODLES”… that styrofoam-meal-in-a-cup, encased in plastic…. Just noodles and powdered sodium… WAITING FOR SOMEONE/SOMETHING to ADD THE WATER. Let me be the soup.

God forbid I’d go so far as to feel like a package of TOP RAMEN, because that requires: opening my package, breaking me in half inside a pot, ADDING WATER, bringing me to a boil, and then adding my packet of flavored sodium, then letting me sit in my own juices for a bit. Now that… that’s definitely too much work for someone/anyone… to get me.

I guess yet another version of that same ‘sometimes I feel like…” is that sometimes I feel like a frozen dinner—you know, a LEAN CUISINE or something…

and I worry that nobody will ever warm me up….and I’ll never become what I was intended to be. I feel pitiful, and a strong kinship to the frozen meal, in that sometimes I feel like I’m just lying there, in my plastic serving tray, and my contents are separated into compartments (meat here, veggies there) and goddamn it—I need someone to cut that slit in the plastic… gimme some air… let me breathe… warm me up---and whatever the instructions on my box say, don’t believe it. Watch me like a hawk. Keep taking me out of the microwave and checking my progress. Stir my contents. It’s a fine line between undercooked and RUINED.

So yeah, without the WATER BEING ADDED, or the PROPER HEATING/CHECKING/STIRRING… I’m just the dried/petrified/frozen/un-activated ingredients.

Just lying there, pathetically. Ouch. Sad, really.

Oh geez…..maybe I’m just low on Iron. Or bi-polar (or that other bi thing? Naah.)

Okay… end of THAT. Whatever.

A real update to follow by the end of the day.

xoxo. Thanks for your indulgence.