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2003-08-05 - 11:59 a.m.


Palate Cleansing Time.

I've gotta add an entry so I don't leave my pathetic "feeling like a sea monkey™" entry up there too long.

Something. Anything. Better than the "feeling like a sea monkey™"entry.

Geesh. Sometimes I’m sure it would be better for me to keep the thoughts INSIDE the "FLESHY CRAZY PLACE" (my head). Oy.

I can only guess that my "feeling like a sea moneky™" entry was the result of a combination of low blood sugar and feeling all-empty by several REAL-LIFE-DRAMAS playing themselves out painfully while I sit in the 2nd row (broken seat, no popcorn), watching, worrying, clutching my chest, oy-veying and powerless.


As the PERSON IN CHARGE of all my friends (self-appointed) I FEEL THEIR PAIN… perhaps TOO MUCH, sometimes. It builds and builds , then creates a layer of “PAIN-PLAQUE” allover my heart, by proxy.

Sometimes the PAIN I feel for my friends can get in the way of the truly AMAZINGLY BLESSED EXISTENCE that I have. Me and my very patient girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket/won’t-be-mine-for-long-if-I-don’t-snap-out-of-it-gal.

In the Dewey Decimal System/Card Catalog, look under: Pain in the ass, I’m A.


xoxo more soon.