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2003-08-14 - 8:05 a.m.


Before my girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket/jewish-american care-giver catches me "up and around" (ish).

My back. (not I'm back... that's MY back)

Yes, that's right. my back. MY back. Not her back (that was months ago, anyway).


Ouch and Oy.

All this STRESS finally caught up with me.

So... I promise/swear/vow and promise again that I will be writing a REAL entry (stephen hawking style) today, from my bed.

All the oy's and vey's that are fit to print(ish) and even some that aren't. There won't be a sexy/cute/funny graphic to accompany. Can't sit up long enough to do that right now.

But. Words. I promise you all WORDS. Words an updates and laughter and tears.

Again... I promise/swear/vow/promise.

xoxo and hope YOU ALL are well (or at least well(ish) at the very least).

Ouch... whimper.... sigh.