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2003-09-03 - 8:19 p.m.


All of you.

Many, many, many of you.

Your words, your thoughts, your prayers to whomever you pray to....

Thank you so much for that.

My sister is NOT well.

She is very UNwell.

She is out of the hospital and UNwell, however--- she has been sorrounded with and enveloped in love and support from her 6 brothers and sisters. There is so much to the story that I can't share.... not ready to, and not sure I ever will be... but please know that YOUR WORDS, YOUR KINDNESSES were passed onto her. Read to her. Used to strengthen her. You all were the evidence of humanity and kindness... the kindness of strangers.

My neices and nephews have been SMOTHERED (in a good way) with love... as we work on art projects and shop for tiny gifts for their mom... who they think is just "sick again". This is so very, very true... in many ways.

The kids, believe it or not are FINE. Wow.

I don't think... no, i'm quite sure I won't be chronicaling my sisters life here... that would be too painful... and NOT what i started this funny little place to be.

But, I will let y'all know how it goes, from time to time.

Again, YOU... all of you, most of you... many, many, many of you--- Your kindness was amazing, overwhelming and truly what I think this world was created for.

Please carry that with you.

I hope to do the same for you sometime.

I will now do my best to get back into a less weepy mode... and carry on with the funny, soon.

I'm so proud to call all of you, most of you... many, many, many of you....

Friends(ish)....for real, man.