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2003-10-16 - 2:10 p.m.

Filled with glee and anticipation... that's what I was when I last left word with all of you....

... and then...

The night before I was supposed to leave for my highly-anticipated, much-needed escape from daily life to the home of "Sigfried and Roy" (oy!)....loose women and even looser slots...

and then...

My dear, sweet, VERY TROUBLED sister tried again. Almost succeeded this time.

Once again, however, she CALLED SOMEONE after taking many pills, and that someone called 911.

4 days in ICU. Some damage done.

So far, 14 days in a new "psychiatric facility".

Hopefully, this time, being more honest with herself and the "professionals"

And the kids....the kids are alright.

I still can't put words together about it.

I still don't know HOW MUCH to tell you all about. Just not sure.

But... I wanted to check in, let you know that I'm still here (thanks for ALL your kind emails of "where are you?") and I promise to be back soon with more... and will desperately try to return to the days of "Bill and Sue" and "Lucky" updates, as well as the more neurotically-lived details of LIVE @LAKERIDGE.

Much, much more to follow.

Until then... you all take care.