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2004-01-14 - 6:17 p.m.

Okay, so at least it hasn't been A MONTH, right?

Sorry... maybe the EVERYDAY...everyday writing in here thing will eventually become a habit, like flossing... and being a lesbian.

(cross your fingers).

Quick updates for y'all (and thanks again for notes, emails, guestbooks, etc. I have the best and loveliest and freshest and kindest reader-friends on all of the evil internet!!)

My LadyLadeee(that MIGHT be her new name, as the whole "Girlfriend/Same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal ticket" thing might be TOO MANY WORDS for some people to read through overandoverandover again.

(I'm just sayin... I've gotten some comments) What do you think?

LadyLadeee? Does it work for you?

If not, PLEASE.... won't you help me NICKNAME/ALIAS my most wonderful housemate who I see naked (constantly)?

Important you should know the following about her:

1) I adore her

2) She ROCKS the party that rocks the party.

3) Reallyreally cute

4) Good Dancer (again, naked)

5) She's the one that fixes things, I'm the one that breaks them and cries.

6) She's the driver, I'm the passenger

7) She's the spooner, I'm the spooneeee (someone asked)

8) She's the RESPONSIBLE one, I'm the one that says "How much can I spend?"

9) I'd be lost without her.

So... with all that information.... I will now officially begin (and believe me, this was NOT the original intent of this update, I really did have things to talk about, but NOW this... this NICKNAME/ALIAS thing is my #1 priority....

I will now begin the SUBMISSION Stage for our Contest.

Please submit your ideas for NICKNAME/ALIAS's for my Significant Other (ewwww) via Note/Guestbook or Email.... and I will compile a list... then we'll vote... and whoever's NICKNAME/ALIAS that we pick... uhhhhhhhhh.... will get something. A prize (of sorts). I'll think of something. Seriously.

Okay. Reader-Friends.

There's your challenge.

I can't continue with my UPDATE now, as I'm too excited about this CONTEST.

You have, ohhhhhhhhh.... let's say until Saturday.... to submit names.

Pinch me... but I'm excited.

So........ we'll choose a name, THEN I can give you an update.


Thanks for playing along.

Oh, and if you totally HATE contests... sorry.

It just happened. Poof. Out of nowhere.

Humor me.

xoxoxo Saturday comes only too soon.