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2004-01-29 - 3:54 p.m.

Okay, okay... okay.

This has to be a QUICK ONE you guys... I'm on a self-imposed, and yet, now.... more-people-than-just-self-imposed DEADLINE for a NEW PROJECT (uh, huh.. that's right... you heard me) and I must have the FIRST DRAFT finished by tomorrow afternoon... so... yikes.

And yet... I received a FRANTIC PHONE CALL from SUE that I must give you a vague overview of... and then I'll ramble about it at a later date.

Time for a quick:

Last night my AMAZING girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket/dinner-date and I went out with some friends to share some low-carb/no-carb/woah-carb/low-fat/no-fat/who's fat FOOD and BEVERAGES and upon our return there was a MESSAGE from SUE on the MACHINE.

"Hi... it's SUE. I know it's late, but if you get this message, please call me back. No matter how late... or, maybe first thing in the morning... it's very important."

Well.... it was TOO LATE for me to call SUE back.. plus I'd had a loooooong day and knew that WHATEVER it was that SUE needed... it would be best if I could give her a FULL SERVING of ME... and the 11:30pm version of me might not posess the patience or compassion or whatever or double-whatever that SUE might require (from the sound of her voice).

So... I called her back this morning.


Kids.... SUE.. (our SUE, formerly of "Bill and Sue") is IN LOVE with.... HER THERAPIST.

That's right. You heard me.


Her FEMALE THERAPIST that just happens to be a LESBIAN.

So. Yeah. Wow. Right?

She'd written her therapist a letter (an actual "letter", as SUE doesn't "do the internet thing" ... and sent it (via U.S. Mail) the other day... and NOW she was feeling foolish and filled with remorse and conflicted and humiliated. AND... she had an appointment with THE THERAPIST... today.... at NOON. Ohhhhhhhh. Sue......

I talked her down from the ledge. I gently explained to her that lots of people FALL IN LOVE with their therapists (or think it's love) because of all the ATTENTION and HEALING and GOD-LIKE POWER that THERAPISTS sometimes have.

I listened. I "It's gonna be okay"'d her.

I let her talk. I think I helped a bit.

We'll see.

Anyway.... I thought I'd quickly check in and let you know.

I hope she'll be okay. One minute she was sobbing and the next she was talking about her THERPAIST like she was a ROCK STAR. Yikes.

Sending good thoughts to SUE... and to ALL OF YOU.

More stuff soon... I promise.