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2004-02-08 - 10:20 a.m.


Good Morning!

I can say that now.... now that IT has finally arrived.

My even-more-amazing-then-ever girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket/easy-menstruater has been patient and kind and loving and so damn good.

Me... I've been a nightmare. Like the MOST IMPATIENT and CRANKY traveler that has been waiting at the airport for a flight that keeps getting delayed.

Geeeeeeeeeeeeez. Enough with THE WAITING. Usually, It's like clockwork. NASA calls me to check THEIR ACCURACY based on my "schedule". That groundhog that they wait for... to see if he will come out of his hole (so to speak) that indicates the length of winter.... THAT GROUNDHOG calls me from it's little cell phone (and it's a picture phone... and he's emailed me some great shots of tree roots and provocatively posed female groundhogs, believe me) ANYWAY.. THAT GROUNDHOG checks with MY CYCLE before he decides IF he's gonna poke his head out of his hole (again, so to speak). THAT's HOW PERFECTLY REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING... I am.

So... Imagine how EXHAUSTING and SUPRISING and FRUSTRATING it's been in the past week... to be me. (insert compassion here).

I have been a CROCK POT (left on a high, not "simmer"... I said HIGH, setting) for the last SEVERAL DAYS as I waited for the systems and jurisdictions responsible for my monthly "situation" to do their thing. In the meantime, I received an EXTRA LARGE SHIPMENT (perhaps an OVERSHIPMENT) of high-emotions, tears, blues, pissy-ness, etc. And I was bubbling over with it.

IF you're following my metaphor (god bless ya if you even try), and I'm the CROCK POT, and MY EMOTIONS are the CONTENTS... then when I say "bubbling over", I mean the kitchen counter, floor and sink is spewed with my contents. Call the Haz-Mat team.

Weeping, followed by cranky, with bits of elation and exuberance sprinkled in like paprika.

And then.... like a church mouse scurrying across... well, a floor in the church,.....

IT arrived.

My body threw a parade (yes, you know what the confetti looked like) and I was THRILLED to finally have THOSE cramps. Not pre-pre cramps. Not pre-cramps. Not almost-there cramps.... THE Cramps.

I'm chock full of the real deal, I'm Cramp-rfffic.... and I couldn't be happier.

More soon....

xoxoxo and a wishing you all a BEAUTIFUL DAY!