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2004-03-22 - 4:18 p.m.


Okay, just a quickie, and I PROMISE to provide an ENTERTAINING, HONEST,blow-by-blow-by-blow(ish) of THE WHOLE DEAL asap. Soon. Tomorrow.

AND...let me just say, WOW, it rocked my world. double-AND, I already knew this,but… My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Outrageously Creative Human/Director of our Film/No-Longer-the-boss-of-me (ish) Blew the roof off the mutha-f’er. She showed SO MUCH PATIENCE by not murdering me with her bare hands (several times) as we sat SIDE BY SIDE in her office/editing bay for sixteen days and she pieced together our little short film.

11 minutes.

It's beautiful.

We got our "ROUGH CUT" of the film finished in time (not a minute to spare) for our earliest film festival deadline which was Friday. We have many more festivals chosen to submit the film to, but we have more time to tweak and fix (sounds dirty, but its not) and we’ll make all those deadlines with no problem.

Okay, I’ll be back to rambling and reporting and confessing in a day or so.

Just wanted to share the GOOD NEWS that WE DID IT!

Thanks for all your supportive emails, etc. YOU crazy kids ARE THE BEST!!

Xoxoxo more very soon OR drinks are on me.