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2004-06-26 - 3:42 p.m.

Hey Y’all,

Welcome Back.

So many things to catch up on and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to control the FLOW or the PACE of how it all comes out (shouldn’t they have a PILL for that?) so I’m gonna just get started.

First of all, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your BIRTHDAY WISHES and notes and emails and guestbook signings (and E-cards… wow for FLASH ANIMATION,eh?)

It was all MUCH APPRECIATED and I was all MISTY-EYED and “aw-shucks-y” to My AMAZING Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Wonder-Woman about all your individual and collective… ongoing KINDNESSES. So, yeah… thanks.

Speaking of MY BIRTHDAY, I soooooooo OWE YOU all a FULL REPORT, which, just so you can play along and be in THE ZONE… you should grab a COWBOY HAT and line up the TEQUILA SHOTS.

I’ll wait while you do that.

((NOTE- Approx Time elapsed- 7 minutes… while you searched for the required items, then declared “screw it”, then sat back down at your computer screen))

So, ANYWAY—It was my FORTIETH (40th) BIRTHDAY (I told y’all that, right?) and what I really wanted was an old-fashioned WESTERN HO-DOWN. I don’t know why… I just did.

So, of course, My AMAZING Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Wonder-Woman made it happen (as she always does). Cut to: Bales of Hay/Rented Tables & Mood Lighting and we had turned the place into a BACKYARD HONKY TONK like the Hills of Hollywood were beggin’ fer.

You get the picture, right?

I insisted/demanded/required ALL MY FRIENDS dress up WESTERN-STYLE and NOBODY disappointed. The guests arrived in all their country-costumed glory, and they fell right into character… and the night was all about YEE-HAWING & HOWDY-ING.

I hired a Caricature Artiste` (Hello Google) and he turned out to be a friendly, charming fellow, and a fine human being… HOWEVER…. Apparently “actually having the pictures LOOK LIKE the subjects” is either NOT HIS STRONG POINT, or against his personal OLD-SCHOOL ways..or both. The fact that the RENDERINGS did NOT RESEMBLE my friends (in some cases TERRIFIED them) only added to our fun… and yet everyone very graciously KEPT THAT FACT on the DOWN LOW, as we didn’t want to “DIS” the ELDERLY ARTIST-FELLA, as he was now apart of the MAGIC that was the HO-DOWN.

Please see a random sampling of a small percentage of of the drawings, and take my word for the fact that these do NOT look like my peeps.

The LADIES (there were LOTS of LADIES… as there always is) and a hand full of men… make up this amazingly WONDERFUL POSSE of FRIENDS that I’ve been blessed with (as I’ve gone on and on and on about in the past) were in TOP FORM and the yee-hawing continued ECHO-ING thru the HILLS. We fed them BBQ (and BBQ-related side dishes for the VEGANS) and the BEVERAGES WERE FLOWING.

Lots (and LOTS) of TEQUILA SHOTS were transacting (it was a CELEBRATION, but still… no excuses… ) and then we were all PRIMED for the COUNTRY LINE DANCING.

Did I mention the COUNTRY LINE DANCING? Okay…along with the THEME… I thought I’d force my friends to learn (along with me) how to COUNTRY LINE DANCE. Why not, right? So, of course my AMAZING Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Wonder-Woman located an INSTRUCTOR (I’ll call her Miss Kitty, as I can’t remember her name… but she was a LEZZIE in her late 50’s…and VERY OLD-SCHOOL COUNTRY-WESTERN(ish). She was the COUNTRY LINE DANCE INSTRUCTOR equivalent to a DOMINATRIX. She ran us through the steps, then would order us to show her what we learned… then onto yet another set of steps and moves and “heel/toe/twirls”. YEE-HAW!

Okay, I’ll admit it—to round out the evening of ENTERTAINMENT, I rented a DEEEE-LUXE KARAOKE MACHINE. Nothing quite says “Happy 40th” like a group of Lezzies singing “The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia” or “It’s Raining Men”. A favorite duet involved Our “Go-Go Boy/Pole Dancer” ummm “Rod” and our very own “Lucky” (of “Lucky and The Homewrecker”… remember her? She’s doing much better now) singing “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”. I’m sure THEIR RENDITION blew away the version that BARBARA & NEIL performed at the John Kerry fundraiser the other night. Uh oh.... that reminds me:

-------------------------- ohhhhhhhhhhh....ELECTIONS and POLITICS (and I usually don’t do this)…


If you are of VOTING AGE… VOTE. Register and VOTE.

Oh. My. God.


If you can’t afford to go see this movie… send me an email and I’ll BUY YOU TICKETS. Seriously. It’s important.


----------------------------- Back to BIRTHDAY ROUND UP--- needless to say, My friends ROCK… the PARTY kicked-country-ass… and we’ve still got a few bales of hay in the backyard, which look surprisingly good beneath the backdrop of a BLUE SKY and PALM TREES.

Since the Birthday, we’ve been hard at work on FILM STUFF (getting ready for festivals, etc). If you are in LOS ANGELES,CA… PHILADELPHIA,PA or DURHAM, NC…. Our film will be screening in a festival in your area. That ROCKS, right? I’ll keep you posted on our progress (more festival acceptances) and reports of how all the screenings go, etc.

In the meantime, I’ve started on the NEXT SCRIPT and have an August 1st deadline for it. Let’s see how I do with THAT.

Here’s the part where I ramble about how WONDERFUL my AMAZING Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Wonder-Woman is… and how she inspires me to want to do more. I couldn’t love her more… even if it was legal.

And you… you all. Your continued reading of THIS, visiting THIS PLACE… and sharing of YOUR stories and lives via emails or on your own diaries/blogs/whatevah is pretty bitchin and MUCH APPRECIATED…


Xoxoxo Me