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2004-09-17 - 9:43 a.m.

(sort of)

hello to all you kind, generous, patient reader-friends.

I just signed onto diaryland and it told me that I last updated 21 days ago. If I could only wait 7 more days, I'd be able to compare the frequency of my postings to my menstrual cycle. Surely there'd be some fun in that comparison.

But, I can't. I can't wait. I must put SOME words on this page (okay, this empty little square box, but you know what i'm getting at).

It hasn't been for LACK OF ADVENTURES to report, it's been for LACK OF CONCENTRATED ENTHUSIASM to report them.

SO DAMN-DAMNER MUCH has been happening and I'm afraid (and in fear) of creating the longest, most rambling post in the history of postings that I'll be FINED by the word police, or diaryland, or both.

I've thought about ways of presenting ALL THE DAMN-DAMNER MUCH that has happened, perhaps in individual chapter form (like the bible, only i'm pretty sure the bible used peoples names, and my chapters would be like "One night at a lesbian bar in the Valley" and "Head Injuries-- you try it" and "Stop being a big fat baby, you big fat baby", etc. You get my drift.

So, I'll organize my thoughts, make them brief and put them into one, long update, because until I get caught up, i'm overwhelmed with my "lack-of-caught-up-ed-ness" and don't want to deprive you all of some of the amazing hilarity and tragic twists and turns.

Right... so that's where i'm going now.

To write THAT update.

In the meantime, i hope you're all safe from whatever weather or human related dramas might be occuring in your hometowns.... and remember to be good to yourselves.

xoxo me