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2004-09-28 - 1:52 p.m.

Okay (and hello to you too), here's the thing:
(notice how I'm not even acknowledging that it's been 11 (eleven) days since I left you all with the promise of a REAL UPDATE)

Again, here's the thing. I've been writing, just not here. And damn if it hasn't been the actual stuff i've been sitting down to work on everyday, like a real person. A real person whose given themselves deadlines to finish their NEW SCRIPT (or essay for book of essays, etc).

But--- I miss writing here, and yet have been overwhelmed at the self-inflicted task of updating all the events of the last few months ("How I spent my summer vacation(ish) by Lv2write00").

S0-- how about this. Forget the catching up and the update. I'll mention things as I remember them (in the totally non-linear way things usually organically flow here) and I'll attempt to just get back to this, and be an everyday updater. A mentioner. Someone who, say, "on a whim" can just comment on a current event or an evening of passion or the neighbors sex lives or my girlfriends beautiful smile.

So, yes. A new way of thinking. No catching up. No self-inflicted rule-wounds. Just simple and fun and sometimes lots of words, sometimes few; most of the time a great graphic to accompany it--- occassionally not (oh, the pressure I put on myself with the graphics... you don't wanna know).

Right. That's where I'm at.

Let's try it for awhile and see if it fits.

In the meantime, please always check out the "LAST FIVE" list, as I might start updating more than once a day (gasp!) and I'd hate for you to miss something (or nothing).

p.s. I went to high school with that fisherman "THE BACHELOR" from ABC.

XOXO wishing you all a beautiful day--