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2004-11-23 - 12:14 p.m.

Just a quick CHECK IN (since it's been 19 days-- that's NINETEEN DAYS) since I last wrote anything in this little white box that diaryland taunts me with, and I felt the need to say "Hello" and "How are you?" and "Oy Vey" to all you kind people who send me nice emails wondering "what up?".

If I even TRIED to make a list of all the KRAZY (make that a backwards "K" in your heads, won't you?) SHENANIGANS that have been happening, that list would be long, ugly and disjointed (insert your own visual representation of something "long, ugly and disjointed" here). That would be the list.

Highlights of a future update will include stories about my AMAZINGLY TALENTED Girlfriend/Same-Sex partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Superstaaaaaar's SOLO PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT that went on in this KRAZY (still with the backwards "K") town of ours. She showed, fabulous people showed, her photos were shown and money and buzzz was a-flyin. More on that.

Lowlights include (wait: should I even include the Graphic Camera Phone Image here? well, yes, I will, and it will shock you. WARNING. Yikes) of my only remaining Grandmother (My father's 93-year-old mother). She fell in the bathroom of her “quite-lovely if you think of the alternatives” retirement home and was bruised pretty badly and fractured her 93 year old wrist and is pretty upset about the whole thing (who wouldn’t be?) and is hospitalized and believe me, nobody is having a nice time over there. Graphic Camera Phone image to follow (she is asleep in the picture):

I warned you.

She would probably NOT be pleased to know that I shared that Graphic Camera Phone Image with you, but she has no idea that The Internet(s) even exist, so it’ll be okay. Send her a good thought or two if you think of it. She could use the extra good thoughts.

Okay. That’s the end of the quick update which included a HIGHLIGHT and a LOWLIGHT. I hope to cover some of the many things in-between those two in another update soon (yeah, I know…. Empty promises, shattered dreams).

Xoxoxo to you and yours- Me