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2004-12-03 - 9:43 a.m.

Sorry about the quick entry. I just HAD to get that THANKSGIVING graphic off the page, as it would only serve to remind me of the HIJINKS and SHENANIGANS and BLEEDING that took place in THE OC™ at my dad's house on that day. Nothing particularly "Breaking News-worthy", but I always seem to forget how it's going to feel... and it always suprises me.

Of course, as always My Unbelieveably Amazing (and easy on the eye) Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Couldn't-Do-It-Without-Her was a GIFT from the UNIVERSE that sends PEOPLE to you, in your life, to save you from... yourself and your relations.

In a short, run-on sentence, I'll recap the days events. Gosh, just thinking of trying to construct that run-on sentence overwhelms me. Sigh.

After arriving in the early morning at My Dad's House in The OC™ (Hi Rachel), we went to work to de-clutter (impossible) and try and clear a space to cook. Assignments were handed out to keep my father occupied without exhausting him (wash some fancy crystal bowls, why dontcha?). During the washing he dropped one, sliced his finger, bled and bled and bleeeeded some more, was taken to the Emergency room and received 5 stitches on his 66 year old pinkie.

Hours later, both FUNCTIONAL and DYSFUNCTIONAL members of the family arrived, mini-rivalries and resentments were rekindled, people medicated themselves, accusations and glares were thrown, children played without a care in the world, FOOD WAS SERVED, more medicating and glares, DESERT WAS SERVED, dishes were washed, one more round of medicating and glaring, then relatives (all 18 of them) were packed into their cars for their short drives to their closeby homes (yes, the all of them live right there in The OC™).

Wreaking with disappointment and exhaustion, we made our way back to The Hills™), made a quick stop at our best-best lady/lady friends home for desert and discussions about I-don't-remember-what with a charming group of people that I-don't-remember-who, then pulled into our driveway, crawled into our house, removing clothing (shoe, sock, pumpkin-stained jeans, etc) as we made our way down the hallway to SLEEP for 18 hours into the next day.

Okay.... that's the THANKSGIVING update in a few run-on paragraphs.

I'm off to hopefully complete a writing project (deadline end of today), then submerge myself in the NEW SCRIPT (we are in pre-production now, to shoot in mid-february).

Have a great weekend, eh??