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2004-12-13 - 5:25 p.m.


Sorry to interupt this painful and somewhat lengthy break we've been taking from each other, but I need to PICK SOMEBODY's BRAIN about a LOCATION and I think that the SOMEBODY might be one of YOU wonderful, kind, smart people.

I'm working on a script and I NEED A TOWN.

I need a small to medium sized town in a place that is somewhat conservative and located in the middle of the country. I need a place where people voted republican and on the whole MORALS ticket in our last election and were pretty damn proud of themselves for doing so.

Does ANY OF THIS sound like YOUR TOWN(ish)? I'm not looking to perpetuate a stereotype... I'm looking to dig a bit deeper and thought I'd start with YOU ALL first.

SOOOOOOOOO.....If you want to answer some questions via email and be thanked in the film credits (or anonymously thanked in the film credits) please email me and let's start talkin'. Please reply ASAP if you think you "see what i'm sayin".

Email me at: Lv2write00@aol.com

I'm lookin forward to hearing from some of you and hope to provide a REAL UPDATE very soon.

In the meantime,

xoxoxoxo me