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2005-01-18 - 5:49 p.m.

I just had to share it.

The picture doesn't tell the story, but I had to try. This was a beautiful sunset I watched out my window about 45 minutes ago. I thought there was something about it that was whispering to me, but then I realized it was Lucy, the cat, whispering that she wanted to be fed. Too bad I can't feed her because I can't be trusted---I'm a chronic OVERfeeder. Childhood issues. Anyway, Lucy, the cat, lives here. So does Buddy, the cat (named for Kristy McNichol's character on the Hit 70's family drama "Family").

Two cats and two ladies. Nothing stereotypical about THAT, eh? But wait.... WAIT, for the love of god, wait:

WE ARE NOT "Cat People". There is nothing wrong with "Cat People", we are just not them. We are just people who happen to have found themselves with one, then, eventually, one more. Cat. Cats. Whatever.

You won't see their pictures posted here. They are not THOSE types of cats. They will not pose with a ball of yarn (no yarn in the house), nor will they look up at you while casually sipping their milk (they don't get milk). I don't own any cat magnets or stationery or I (heart) my cat merchandise.

So, ANYWAY--- the sunset. It was beautiful and I wanted to share it. Beautiful should be shared, right?

More tomorrow...
xoxo ME