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2005-02-22 - 2:34 p.m.

Yes. It’s True.
Although raindrops are falling (“on my head, they keep falling”), I’m back.
Back, and transitioning into a better place. In the head. The body is still living in the same amazing place with the same amazing woman by my side, I’ve just recently been rejoining my life. A much needed rejoining.

Let’s gently recap the events of the last while as we slowly stretch our diary-ing muscle, once again (I’d hate to pull it, since it’s been awhile, and I haven’t used it):

Wow, I just had to check my last entry to see when it was, and it was February 3. Wow.
That was right after THE MAMMOGRAM. Okay, so, we had a scare. A mammogram scare. The kind of scare that begins with a phone call from the people at the Mammogram place saying they saw something—some.thing. SOME THING and needed my Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady Lover/Meal Ticket/Mammogram taker to come back in for more extensive X-rays.

I, of course, stayed calm for her. Reassured her. Told her this happens all the time to people that are in possession of amazing breasts™ like hers. I told her all this, but silently I was terrified. On the outside, I was wide-eyed and strong, but inside I was weeping like a child lost in a department store.

We had to wait four days until the follow-up appointment, and during those days, we spoke only of how common this was, and how the outcome would be a good one. It would be nothing. A false alarm. All would be well. And IT WAS. The THING they thought they saw was, upon closer inspection, apparently, something that is supposed to be there. Thank you, universe. Universe.

In celebration of two (make that four) healthy breasts, we decided to take a trip up to Mammoth, a Ski and Snow Paradise, just a five(ish) hour drive away. My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady Lover/Expert Skier/Hot-shot had been hot-in-the-pants/itching-to-go, so I joined her enthusiasm ("...sounds like fun, I'll stay inside, you go skiing...") and we (read: she) made reservations, etc and we were on our way.

Five(ish) hours of driving through beautiful scenery, microscopic towns(ish) with only a gas station/mini-mart/beef jerky stand and we arrived.

Here’s what we saw:

Here’s something I made:

We celebrated Valentines day sitting in front of the fire in our wonderful accommodations, watching 20 inches of snow fall. Beautiful. She skied. I wrote. We loved each other--- SO MUCH. Too sweet for words, really.

Upon our return… umm….

Sooo….i’m just- JUST recovering from THE COLD OF 2005™ that everyone has been getting (and I hate being trendy)…. But I could no longer resist, and gave in, and now I’ve been pummeling and treating it with every imaginable potion/concoction: Homeopathic (Zicam, EmergenC, Cyclone Cider), then turned to REAL DRUGS (Nyquil, Sudafed) and the old standby- MATZAH BALL SOUP. I think it was finally the SOUP that did the trick. On the mend, sniffling, but upright…. And on my way.

Sooo, NOW—we’re caught-up (ish) and it’s raining outside (and by raining, I mean, well--- you’ve seen the news, it’s crazy with the rain and the mudslides and the hillside slippage and the flooding and the etc.) and yet, WE are safe.. and SO BLESSED to be inside, dry, and safe. A few houses up the street have been “red-tagged” due to hillside slippage, but we’re hoping for the best..and sending all sorts of goodness to everyone.

So, now—I’ll get back to IT.
I’m back to working on THE SCRIPT, and feeling the strength of my beloved therapist and friend right by my side. I’ve gotta do this. I will finish it.

I hope ALL of Y’ALL are doing well and look forward to sharing MORE and MORE and still-yet-even MORE with you in the coming days.