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2005-03-05 - 4:19 p.m.

Good Morning and Happy Saturday (or whatever day) to you and yours.
First, let me thank the MANY, MANY of you who left notes, guestbook signings and emails. Welcome to the NEW and, again (as always) thanks for returning (to the OLD).

We (my Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady Lover/Meal Ticket/Big Fan of Breakfast) and I just came home from Breakfast/Brunch/Whatever over in Santa Monica/Brentwood/Whatever.

We had a planned “meet up” with The Hill Family, which consists of our dear friend Jill, her handsome man-husband, their BRILLIANT 2 year old daughter and her two other genius/adorable/loveable kids FROM A PREVIOUS SITUATION –when she was “A LADY of LADIES” ( if you know what I’m saying)… and those two genius/adorable/loveable kids were with their “OTHER MOTHER”—(if you know what I’m saying)… and were missed greatly at our morning meal meet-up.

The Handsome Man-Husband has been lovingly accepted into our flock of ladies ala ladies, and he often-times has extra-attention showered upon him at gatherings, because although he’s a Handsome Man-Husband, he also has unexplainable “lesbian-vibe”, so we love him more than just an average Handsome Man-Husband might be loved.
(Note- We LOVE GOOD MEN, regardless. Not Man-haters. Please make a note in our file.)

So, anyway, We Breakfast’d/Brunch’d/Whatever’d with them, gossiped, ate, lightly-judged others from our seats, caught up, gossiped more, speculated, then hugged, kissed and we were on our way. The 2 year old took impeccable notes of our entire discussion on her placemat, using crayon. In addition to the notes, she did excellent “courtroom sketch artist” renditions of all of us, even utilizing additional materials (jam, ketchup) in order to add dimension. Wow.

I was just HAPPY to be OUT and ABOUT (ish) as I’d spent Thursday IN BED. That’s right, you heard me. And not the REALLY ENJOYABLE “spent the day in bed” kind of “spending the day in bed”. I spent the day in bed, alone. Alone and spent and sore. (Again, 2 of those previous items would make for a good version of the staying in bed thing, but the ALONE part just kills it, doesn’t it?)

Let me explain (as if).

We had our regular Bi-weekly (and bi-curious) WORKOUT SESSION with our Personal Trainer. I think I’ve mentioned her before, but if not, sue me. (please don’t). She jokingly fancies herself a dominatrix of sorts, and often requests that we should address her as “MISTRESS HOT LADY”. We jokingly oblige, occasionally.

The “WE” of our workouts is made up of Myself and My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady Lover/Meal Ticket/Extremely Athletic Gal and our VERY BEST LADYFRIENDS “Carla” and “Nadine”. “Carla” and “Nadine” are often times (more often than not) our partners in crime, trouble and adventure. If you were to ever hear that we’d been arrested or awarded something, they would have been the other part of the equation.

So, they come over TWO MORNINGS AWEEK and The Trainer… Trains us. We stretch, hike, step, lunge, bend, sit-up, push-up, pull-up, sweat, weep and moan. She LOVES telling the ladies to “Lay on your backs and spread you legs”. I’m just sayin.

So, THURSDAY was a particularly GRUELING SESSION OF TORTURE and we were all exhausted. Nadine and I seemed even-more exhausted than our same-sex partners. After everybody left, I collapsed(ish). I used every last bit of energy to shower/shampoo/shine, and once I was wrapped in my fluffy white bathrobe, couldn’t move a muscle. Sore and stranded on the bed, I called out to my Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady Lover/Meal Ticket/Whistling a happy tune, not-that-exhausted roommate and wept in frustration.

As I moved onto the bed into a position that would garner additional sympathy, I noticed that MY LOWER BACK WAS THROBBING. Oy. In addition to the exhaustion, I’d pulled something, somewhere, in my lower left back (please see medical illustration of human back). I was screwed and worried, as I did the whole LOWER BACK PAIN SITUATION about 2 years ago and it was absolutely NOT FUN. I couldn’t let it get worse. To my rescue…..

Of course, SHE took care of me. Excellent care. Pillows were fluffed, liquids were given, Motrin was forced, Ice Packs were applied. I called in sick to myself. I watched TV, slept and moaned when the Motrin wore off. All day long, she took care of me. Sigh. I’m a lucky cry-baby, eh?

The next day, I was slow, but I was moving. Gaining strength and getting better by the hour. And… Today--- TODAY… I’m back. (not sure if the pun was intended). Feeling good.

Tonight we’re off to see a friend’s band play a gig that is kind-of-a-big-deal-for-them… so I’ll let you know how that goes.

You all…. New and Old alike--- be good to yourselves.

Xoxoxo more soon,