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2005-04-05 - 4:43 p.m.

(Insert any number of previous apologies for lack of updating here)
(Seriously, perhaps you could go back, through the entries, pick your favorite, and insert it. HERE.)
(( Geez, I could do that, but I won’t, since I only have limited time, and I’ve already wasted a minute of your time and 5 lines of space. Whatev).

So, whirlwind, lots of stuff going on (been finishing and starting and in-between-ing on things lately, which is SO MUCH BETTER than NOT DOING, which was my old occupation).

So far, today, I’ve NIBBLED:

Almonds: Raw-unsalted, Whole Foods
Cottage Cheese: Low-Fat, Knudsen
Apple: Red Delicious (which may have been an overstatement. Even “Tasty” is a stretch)
Orange: Large, Navel.
Soup: Lentil, Amy’s Organic
Earlobe: My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Lunch Mate.

The “Earlobe Nibble” (or ELN™) began, innocently enough, as a sweet embrace, after a much-needed break in a very productive day in our Home Offices™. We sat in our beautiful backyard, feeling full of the fullness that comes when you’re DOING and HAPPY WITH IT and we watched the palm trees swaying in the blue sky, and we embraced. And then came- The Nibble. I don’t know why it surprised me, maybe because it came out of nowhere, and I so enjoy a pre-planned ANYTHING, but I nibbled. She giggled and I nibbled. It was sweet. How often do you get to be sweet at 1:30 in the middle of your workday? Not often enough, obviously. Eh?

I’m sending good thoughts to anyone and everyone who lost their POPE recently. I know that religion is a deep, mysterious thing, but I also know that anytime you lose someone that you care about, that you have invested love, faith and power in… it’s difficult. For you folks, I’m so sorry for your loss.

My Dad (oy!) just called to tell me that his Mother, 93, and living in a very nice retirement home, has had to start “taking her meals in her room” because she is so weak from various minor illnesses that come with being 93. I thought that was sad, and immediately was filled with the desire to visit her, but he followed that with several short anecdotes about cranky things she’s done lately, and the desire to visit immediately vanished.
He also reported that that whole “taking her meals in her room” is costing him an additional $5.00 per meal (he then did the math for me: $5.00 per meal, 3 meals per day = $15/day x 30 days = $450.00 a month for her to “take her meals in her room”.) For me, it was a sad thing, for my dad it was a financial thing. Probably a sad thing too, but he can only express it through financial terms. I promised him I’d spend the extra $450.00 on him if it ever came to that. He thanked me and changed his sorta-resentment-filled tone a little bit, then found an excuse to end our call abruptly. Sorry to try an put it into perspective, Dad. I think that's one of his least favorite things about me (if forced to pick one).

My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Hugely-Talented Photographer is busybusy with lots of planning for shoots lately, and it’s great to hear her on the phone with all the people and to hear her laughter across the hallway and know that whoever she’s talking to, be it an assistant or art director or photo lab clerk---- every one of them probably thinks, when they hang up with her: “Wow, she’s a funny, wacky, sweet, CHICK. I really liked her…” I’m glad that’s WHO she is. I like that about her. That’s just one of the many things. (See the note about Earlobes above).

Okay… I’m off to work on more of the DOING. I hope to update again soon. Very. Soon. Please. For the love of all things decent. Soon.

You all--- be good to yourselves, in the meantime, eh????

Xoxoxo ME

P.S. Because of the whole DIARYLAND MASSACRE, all my previous images are LOST (not to mention my faith in the whole Diaryland infrastructure) so I will slowly FIND and UPLOAD all the old images and replace them with Folgers Crystals. Thank you for your patience.