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2005-04-18 - 5:55 p.m.

Hellooooooo……. (please add more O’s at your discretion).

Checkin’ in with y’all after the weekend. This could be a good sign. An indication of more writing to come. I hope THAT’S what THIS is an indication of. A symptom of the further onslaught of days and days of rambling entries. I’m crossing my fingers(ish).

Let’s not jump to conclusions. I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude. We’ll see if I can make it back here, day after day… even put ONE DAMN WEEK TOGETHER where I get here, every day. I’d like that.

Let the reporting begin, then. Shall I/we/me/I?

First, and not in chronological order, I begin with LAST NIGHT.

My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Topless Dancer/Fixer-of-all-things-broken and I had dinner last night with “LUCKY”. Do any of you remember “Lucky” from “Lucky and The Homewrecker”? Anyway, in the almost 2 years since her girlfriend, “The Homewrecker” called home one day from work to tell “Lucky” that IT WAS OVER and SHE WAS MOVING OUT (oh, and moving in with another woman…freakin’friggin-frac mother-f’er) “Lucky” has rebuilt her life, moved, started seeing a therapist-situation, and moved on (ish). She’s dated here and there, but nobody that we thought was A FIT… as “Lucky” is an amazing woman. Brilliant! Funny! (Sooooooo Funny), Beautiful, Her taste in music—Genius! Her knowledge of POP CULTURE, mensa-level. So, of course nobody would be good enough for her (in my eyes) and certainly NOBODY could ever be trusted with LUCKY’S HEART again… (in my opinion) and… have I mentioned… I’m very invested in making sure that my friends are safe and happy and loved. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO…

Dinner LAST NIGHT with “Lucky” and THE NEW WOMAN she’s dating (they’ve been dating for almost 2 months) and we’ve gotten together several times prior to this, and I really do LIKE this new girl for “Lucky”. The new girl, “Charly” has it
together (ish), is in THE BUSINESS (not the mob, the Hollywood) and knows what she’s doing and knows what she wants. She wants “Lucky”. Desperately. She spotted “Lucky” at My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Topless Dancer/Brilliantly-gifted Photographer’s Photo Show in November and was CRUSHING on “Lucky” hard, from a far, for weeks until she started asking around. Finding out how to arrange another “casual encounter”. That “casual encounter” happened in Feb—and she asked “Lucky” out… and BLAM! They were spooning the following weekend.

I really liked how they seem to fit. It made sense. There was a chemistry. “Lucky” was smiling (even grinning) and all was good. Until Last night. “Lucky” seemed heavy-hearted. I could tell. It was unspoken. Colorless, odorless… but I could tell. Askew. Something was. We arrived at Lucky’s place and people enjoyed a beverage and then walked a few blocks to dinner. I grabbed Lucky’s elbow and sped up our pace to get her alone and using a series of hand gestures and eyebrow raises, I asked her what was up.

She told me, in our own, unspoken/high-pitched x-ray vision language that, indeed, something was up.

We told My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Topless Dancer/Decoy Talker to “Charly” (and “Charly”) that we were stopping to “look in a store window--- you should go on ahead..put our name in… we’ll catch up …you know how we chicks like to do the window shopping…” So, we pretended to look at vintage items in a store window and I GRILLED Lucky.

It seems that “Charly” is totally, hopelessly devoted and in major L-I-K-E (dare I say Love?) with Lucky. Major. Lucky… not there yet. Maybe…. Maybe never.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Why? Why can’t I knock Lucky over the head and get her to see that this is a GOOD GIRL. Maybe it’s chemistry. There doesn’t seem to be as much chemistry, and it’s only month 2. That’s not a good sign, I suppose. Anyway--- Lucky hasn’t made any decisions, and she SOOOOO doesn’t want to hurt “Charly”… but she’s just not sure… and, quite honestly… still healing from “The dump of the Homewrecker”. That had been her first, REAL DEAL. You don’t get over that so easily. I know she’s scared. I hugged her tight and told her not to feel pressured and to take it slow and to try not to compare “Charly” with “The Homewrecker” and to chew slowly and look both ways before she crosses the street…. And WHY can’t I make it all magically good for everyone? Is that too much to ask?

Anyway--- Lucky’s got some thinkin’ to do… and I hope “Charly” can give her the room she needs to think. Eh? And I hope the magical “Chemistry Fairy” can somehow re-ignite something and help them back onto the “Wow, you’re HOT” path.

So, after dinner, we went back to Lucky’s place and watched THE L WORD.

I know, so cliché, but it really has become a SUNDAY NIGHT ACTIVITY amongst the LEZZIES out here. We gather and mock. We gather like a group of MONKEYS watching a fictional show about MONKEYS on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL. It’s pretty damn funny and hilarious to see that no matter WHICH group of friends you’re watching with, everyone is completely compelled (beyond control) to mock and analyze…and DAMN IT… ENJOY! So… I guess they’ve accomplished their goals, the people at SHOWTIME. The lezzies are watching and laughing, and probably some of the STRAIGHT WHITE MALES are watching and making their wives watch, too. I hope they’re enjoying it as much as we are (ish).

The other reportable event of the weekend was the BIRTHDAY PARTY of My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Topless Dancer/Auntie of many’s 5-YEAR-OLD NEPHEW. The party was at her WONDERFUL sister’s house…. In the valley.

I love her sister. She’s cool and she gets it. She’s got a sweet little husband and 2 sweet little boys and they have a white picket fence. Literally. AND—she gets it. And she loves being a mom and has a wide variety of friends from all different walks of life (whatever that means) and we dig her. So, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY… and the Shamu The Whale Cake. And the Shamu The Whale Piñata. And the Shamu The Whale etc.

We arrived and were greeted by the husband of a friend of hers. The husband—don’t get me started. NEVER trust a 43-year-old man wearing snug-fitting overalls.

Why does a grown man (who doesn’t work on a farm) need to wear overalls, anyway? It gave me the creeps, as did the “snugness” factor. Too snug. MUCH too snug. I could see his penis-shaped keys in his pocket the whole time. Oh wait. Those weren’t his keys!!! It was his penis-shaped penis. Come on, why? Why??????? At a 5 year old’s birthday party, for god’s sake.

Anyway, we averted hugging him in his snug-fitting overalls and acted preoccupied with the carrying of presents, etc. Thankfully. Believe me, I don’t mind seeing SOMEONE ELSES penis-shaped penis (or keys) just not his. In overalls. Or anyway, for that matter. He’s creepy. AND… (Here’s the and): His wife once admitted/confessed to us, in a “one too many margaritas” evening that she’d had a brief sexual encounter with her college roommate. Her FEMALE college roommate. Ah. Sigh. The confessions. Bring ‘em on.
It’s like we are some sort of clergy member that takes the same-sex confessions. Anyway, in her case it was fine and she’s fine, just---can’t believe she married that creepy guy that wears too-snug-fitting-overalls as an adult male.

I’m still trying to get the sound of My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Topless Dancer/Auntie of many’s BROTHERS WIFE (our sister-in-law-'s?) voice out of my head as she was in a tree swing, begging... BEGGING her husband to push the swing “Harder…. HARDer…. HARDER…” I felt like I was given a brief glimpse into something I didn’t want to hear/see/hear… oy.

And that… was sorta it.

More tomorrow? Let’s hope so.
Be good to yourselves, in the meantime.
Xoxoxo ME