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2005-04-28 - 11:57 a.m.

Yes. Swamped.
And in a good way. A GOOD Swamped.
So much of the "doing of things" that my soul(ish) is getting a blister.
In a good way. A GOOD Blister.

So, and yet-- I miss this. Here. It's been over a WEEK since I promised to try and be back the next day (same song, different day) and my intentions are really so true (wait, is this a backstreet boys song?) but I didn't get back in time (okay, that is a backstreet boys song).

LOTS (loads and loads) of WRITING and things-in-the-work. Submitting our NEW FILM (a documentary this time) to FILM FESTIVALS and then waiting. Working on a great project with a friend/mentor/sistah that I adore and admire and pedestal-ize (like idolize, but with half the calories and less carbs) and so THAT has been WONDERFUL.

And yet, still-- Muchly goings and comings in the DRAMALY (that's Drama + Family) but somehow, we've been coping and problem solving and healing.

My BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, Never-been-hotter Girlfriend/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Topless Dancer/Chica-Extraordinaire has been MAKING THINGS HAPPEN... magical things, that I'll share SOON. I promise.

Oh, QUICK "Lucky" Update (formerly of "Lucky and The Homewrecker", and then of "Lucky and THE NEW WOMAN/Charly".)

It's Done. Over. End Scene. Curtain. Taxi.
Sad, really. They seemed like a good fit (as previously mentioned) but I guess the fit from the inside--- not-so-much.

We met "Lucky" for dinner last night at our favorite little diner (that has been mentioned on "THE L WORD", only was referred to by a fake name that is quite hilarious) and we sat in a booth and after 2 glasses of wine, the story unfolded. Sad. "Lucky" feels terrible for sorta-breaking "Charly's" heart. "Charly" fell. Deep. Hard. Fast. For "Lucky".

"Lucky" tried. They had fun together. The SEX was good (I was shocked to even hear lucky say the word "sex", let alone comment on the quality of the type they were having... wow. That must have been some mighty-fine wine). But--- it happened too fast and "Charly" wanted "I love you" and "Lucky" didn't have it. Couldn't say it. Didn't think it would ever "get THERE" for her.


"Lucky" feels like she'll be better off single (and wearing a "Lone Wolf" jacket-- Laverne and Shirley reference).

I hope some time can pass and that "Lucky" and "Charly" can be okay as friends (that really does happen amongst the ladies. It's crazy, but true.)

I'm sending out SO MUCH GOODNESS to "Charly" who is probably VERY SAD and I hope she can get through this without too much pain. She is a GOOD GIRL and deserves to have someone LOVE her right back, same intensity level, same incubation schedule. Ya know?

Okay--- sigh.

I'm off to do more of the doing.

Wishing YOU ALL a beautiful day.
Hope you're well. Hope things are happening for YOU. Remember to breathe.
(and, THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone who signs the g-book, leaves notes and EMAILS. You're swell!!!)

xxoxoxo more soon.