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2005-06-07 - 5:10 p.m.

How can it possibly have been 32 (that's THIRTY TWO) days since I last updated? And yet, that's exactly what the little buddy list/main window thing tells me. It's been 32 (that's THIRTY TWO) days since I've last updated.
I suck.
As if.
That's news.
The sucking would mostly relate to my consistency in posting and in my ability to create sentences and organize them in a manner that might be pleasing to the eye.

Many NEWSWORTHY items have occurred recently, although I'm so dumbstruck by the fact that it's been 32 (that's THIRTY TWO) days since I last updated that I can't quite get to any of my points.

So, I'll just say hello and then go away again (briefly this time) and then return in a couple o' days with a REAL UPDATE.

To all of y'all--- I hope you are hangin' in there. Living life. Taking it easy. Breathing. Letting it go. Being in the moment. Looking at all the possibilities and feeling the love.

xoxoxo more soon,