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2005-10-12 - 12:55 p.m.

As if. As if I’m going for some sort of record.
“Diaryland Celibacy” or something. Ish.

Well, I’m not and I haven’t.

Just OY-VEY-BUSY with the doing and the projects.

Let’s see if we can catch up a bit. Or at least waste several paragraphs trying.

There is NO REAL WAY to catch up. I know this. It maddens me. Each time I think about getting my ass over here and updating, I’m daunted by the sheer size of the task. “How can I ever fill them in, or at least share enough so that it was worth clicking?” That’s right, I want you to get your “didn’t pay a dime” moneys worth. So, the idea of “putting out a bowl, and you thinking it’s gonna be CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP, but once you reach out, and pull it towards you, then peer inside, you’ll see it’s only BROTH.” Sickens me. Freezes Me. Broth. No chicken. No Noodles. No carrot or celery parts. Not even a seasoning flake. Just broth.

So, it’s with that “FEAR OF BROTH instead of the whole amazing CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP” that I’d always like it to be—disclaimer firmly in place that I will now continue. You’ve been warned.

We’ve been touring (or I should say our film has) to MANY, MANY Film Festivals this summer and early Fall. The audiences have loved it, and the Q&A sessions have been filled with great, heartfelt questions. I love being a part of telling a compelling story and making people think.

Most recently we attended a festival and the Festival Director was soooooooooooo enthusiastic and truly dear… problem was, they paid too much attention to certain details (making sure all the filmmakers AUTOGRAPHED several programs—) but not to, say… making sure all the projection equipment was adequate. Needless to say, the screening we attended was “dampened” by the fact that the films were projected in… black and white. We have several poignant moments in our film where the emotional “cue” is marked by CHANGING THE FOOTAGE FROM COLOR TO BLACK AND WHITE. This particular audience didn’t get to see that, but loved it anyway. So… what do you do, eh? We didn’t mention it to the crowd (why “dis” the festival people in front of their audience… not cool) but wished it could have been different. Double sigh.

Other than that, we’ve had some great screenings, wonderful crowds and enthusiastic festival programmers all saying very nice things about the film. Even two write-ups in a local paper, highlighting our film and saying it may “steal the festival”. So, yeah. GOOD TIMES there.

Been listening to some good tunes lately, including some songs from DOLLY PARTONS NEW ALBUM OF COVER SONGS. One of the songs she covers is “If you were a carpenter and I was a lady…”

I’ve now decided that if My AMAZING Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady Lover/Meal Ticket/Hot-Hottie and I were to ever be placed in a FORCED KARAOKE situation, THIS is the song I’d like us to perform. As a duet. We’d rock the house. I’ll keep you posted.

Let me now WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND an AMAZING BOOK by a friend of ALL WE LADIES… this CHICK kicks ass.

Her book is funny, heartwarming, irreverent and will fill you with good vibes.


Alright, I guess it’s time.

I have a script to finish. Oy. Whenev.

You all… be good to yourselves.

More soon.

Xoxoxo ME