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2005-11-09 - 1:35 p.m.

Yo. Yo. Yo.
Kids, People, Reader-Friends, All Y'all who have been very patiently humming to yourselves, living your own lives, having your own highlights and lowlights, and occassionally e-mailing me and saying "What up? Where you at?".

This PEEP's for you. All of you.

First, a personal, private, yet very public SHOUT OUT to Rachel. Five days today, eh? Keep it going. Welcome to it all.

Been HARD-AT-WORK on a re-write of a wonderful script that has been sitting in the old "emotional crock pot" of creativity, waiting for me to remember it/notice it/finally get back to it... and I have.... "ish". But, that's a WHOLE HEARTED "ish" and I swear, I swear (my niece, my witness) that I will finish this RE-WRITE and send that sweet little funny, sexy, heartwarming script out into the world and see what the people say. So, yeah.

I totally, lamely and overlookingly-so never told Y'all about the "Freak Accident/Brisket Incident of 2005" that went down involving: My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady Lover/Meal Ticket/Kitchen Helper AND a ceramic platter.

It was the recent YOM KIPPURrrr Holiday, we were over at our VERY-VERY DEAREST BEST-BEST, GAL-GAL's house helping to prepare the BIG MEAL. My lady had successfully sliced THE BRISKET (as all the meat-eating jews do) and needed to put it on a platter. She grabbed a beautiful ceramic platter... and... it grabbed back.

It bled a bit, but the main thing was THE PAIN. Sharp. Shooting. Intense. AND- in retrospect, seeing how HIGH her pain threshold is (she's barely touched the highly sought-after pain relieving drugs that have been supplied to her) that initial "stab/sever/cut/skewer" must have hurt like a MOTHER F-er.

She unknowingly and how-the-hell-did-she-do-that? Severed (or skewered) a nerve in her thumb and she had to have SURGERY (and be under anesthesia) and she has been SO BRAVE and all IN A CAST and in splints and then another cast and then another splint... all for a PUNCTURE/CUT/SEVER/SKEWER that still freaks us out as to HOW it happened.

The WHY... well, maybe the universe was saying, "Hold on there, little lady. Take a minute (or 7 weeks) and just think about things while you have your thumb/hand/arm in a cast, why don't you???"

SHE has been so patient and not-a-complaint and wonderful and brave.

ME- I had to have 2 of my closest PEEPS in the waiting room with me, holding MY hand while she was in surgery for HER hand. While she was in "pre-op", I had to send THE PEEPS in to hang with her, as my "anxiety level" was probably not the best thing for her. SHE was calm. I was CLIMBING THE WALLS. (Of course, I was thinking, "SHE will be that one exception to the rule, the patient who doesn't come out of the anesthetic... I'll lose her and be devestated forever and spend the rest of my life with a broken heart and all because of some small freakish cut/skewer/severing.")

Needless to say. She made it thru FINE. Amazingly. Her lady-lady ANESTHESEOLIGIST (who I think was totally cruising My Amazing GF/Patient) was BLOWN AWAY by how reselient she was... how easily she came out of the anesthetic, how strong she was, etc. Back off, Lady of the Funny Gas... that's MY PATIENT. Go find your own. And don't even THINK about peeking under her gown.

So.... The drama of THE NERVE and THE THUMB continues... but in a drama-less way.

Writing, doing, living.
That's what's up. Today.

And... The RAIN, which is pretty and sad at the same time, has been coming down all day. I'm pretty damn blessed to have such beautiful shelter from the storm.

I'm off to count my blessings.
You... YOU do the same.

Thanks again for all your notes, emails, etc.
They always warm me up.

Be good to yourselves!!

xoxoxo more soon!!