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2006-02-16 - 4:51 p.m.

I know, I know. Let’s just dispense with the apologies and excuses and get to the updating. Everyone’s busy, move it along, nothing to look at here.

And yet. But. Sorta, yeah.. there is.

Still CRAZY-GOOD-BUSY with the writing and the doing and then OUT OF NOWHERE an unbelievably heartwarming and heartbreaking story DROPPED INTO OUR LIVES and we had to pursue it.

That’s right. My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Rockstar/Fella-Sistah-Filmmaker and I are WORKING ON A NEW PROJECT.

I’ll tell you kids more about it later, but let me just say that the subject is this AMAZING MAN and an incredible journey he is on. We followed him around, night and day (and night again) for almost two weeks and now he’s gone…on the road and we’ve just found out that some IMPORTANT THINGS ARE HAPPENING and we think we might have to GO OUT ON THE ROAD and MEET UP with him. That’s right:

We’re checking into FLIGHTS and RENTAL CARS and we just may find ourselves flying into DENVER and DRIVING TO KANSAS. Somewhere. Some small town in Kansas. Population 312. So. Yeah. And I hear it’s cold. And we’ll be doing A LOT OF DRIVING. And it’s cold. And it’s smack dab in the middle of NOWHERE and YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF IT. But- it’s sooooooo worth it. The Man. The story. Wow. Sigh.

And THAT is my quick update.

Oh… and just because I’m trying to keep some sort of anonymity on a broader basis, if you email me ([email protected]), I’ll give you a link to check out THE NEW DVD COMPILATION that contains our film, available for sale from all the major places that sell DVD’s. It’s a really great compilation and I’d love for any of you to check it out who might be interested in good “lesbian or lesbian-adjacent” films. Just don’t wanna link here. I’m trying to be all “on the down-low-ish” and keep THIS PLACE special, just for ALL Y’ALL. I’d hate for someone to google the film title and find us and…. well, you know. Turn all the lights on and mess things up.

Xoxoxo Be good to yourselves and more soon!