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2003-04-12 - 8:34 a.m.


It's saturday morning.

Our cleaning ladies are here.

I'm in my office after just finishing the ritual known as the"pre-clean", where I move thru the house and prep it for the ladies.

Some might ask, "Why a pre-clean, when you have ladies coming to do the actual clean?". Right, right. Good question.

Guilt, I think it has something to do with guilt.

Anyway, the cleaning ladies are wonderful and I'm always happiest on Saturday afternoons.... when THE CASA is at it's finest, it's spic and span-est.

I think i've written in this very spot about my pre-occupation(ish) with clean. We'll talk another time about my childhood home of UNCLEAN. Yes, another time indeed.

Let's be safe and clean out there.