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2003-07-21 - 6:05 p.m.

Updating. I’m updating.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the cavalcade of support and kindness for MY AMAZING FRIEND WHO WAS DUMPED BY HER GIRLFRIEND. I will gather all your emails, notes and guestbook signings, and compile them into something that I’ll show her… in 7 years when she’s over this.

This ABRUPT LIFE CHANGE has turned a group of otherwise funny, gentle and creative women-folk into potential “BAD BEHAVIOR VIGILANTES”. Seriously. Plotting...and yet, OF COURSE we can’t actually take revenge, or buy a bunch of tiki torches at COSTCO and allow ourselves to be infected with a MOB MENTALITY and try and run THE HOMEWRECKER out of town on the next… wait, UNDER the next bus. Can we?

Let me tell you, kids… this has been TOUGH. My FRIEND WHO WAS DUMPED BY HER GIRLFRIEND is DEVESTATED. In total SHOCK and AWE.

It is so painful to watch her pain. It is so frustrating to see her frustration… the fact that she has NONE of the answers… that there has been NO COMMUNICATION… let me tell you something: It’s paralyzing and anger-inducing… all in one!

I feel bad that I have a nickname for THE HOMEWRECKER and not for my beloved, wonderful, AMAZING FRIEND WHO WAS DUMPED. THE HOMEWRECKER is such an OBVIOUS way to go with the nickname of someone who would devastate and wreak havoc… but what do we call the AMAZING FRIEND WHO WAS DUMPED?

LUCKY. I wanna call her LUCKY, because, in the end, she is LUCKY that this happened NOW, and not several years from now, when there would be MORE CATS.. and MORE INTERMINGLING of belongings, perhaps some tattoos and even a baby. Yes, She will now be known as LUCKY.

Before this all happened, I had just been telling “LUCKY”, MY AMAZING FRIEND WHO WAS DUMPED about this place… this online “Live @ Lakeridge” journal/diary thing that I’ve been doing… and we had been discussing the whole “BILL and SUE” situation… and she was following it very carefully… always asking for updates, etc. So…. YOU can imagine that SHE never imagined that SHE would become CONTENT on here. Right? Right. Me too. Not her.

Speaking of BILL and SUE, there is no REAL update, as I truly have been very wrapped up in this whole “putting on a brave front for LUCKY, MY FRIEND WHO WAS DUMPED” thing, but the other day I saw AN EXTERMINATOR’S TRUCK in BILL and SUE’s driveway. I wondered briefly if BILL thought he could somehow RID the house of SUE’S NEW LESBIAN-ness. Do you think? Could it be? What would they be spraying? Would they put out little traps, baited with cheese shaped like breasts and vaginas? (Wait, where do they sell that cheese? I could use it for parties and the such, right?) Anyway… I’m not sure WHAT they were trying to exterminate, but I am hoping the best for SUE and BILL and I promise to talk to her in the next few days for an UPDATE. I know she’s got her big LESBIAN POOL PARTY coming up this weekend, so there will certainly be some news after that. I might ask her to show me what she’s going to wear, just to make sure she’ll be okay. Sorta like my version of “QUEER EYE for the 62 year old new lesbian across the street still married to a STRAIGHT GUY”.

So, things are definitely STILL NOT BACK TO NORMAL (whatever THAT was) and we are all stinging and sad and weepy and angry and frustrated and sadder still about THE BREAKUP… but I promise to try and keep that in the portion of my brain that holds things like that… and NOT turn THIS PLACE into “THE HOME OF THE ANGRY, VIGILANTE LESBIANS”. So… yeah. There.

Be good to yourselves…and I’ll update more soon.