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2004-03-25 - 3:04 p.m.

Okay Y'all, this ISN'T the wordy, rambling re-telling of the last 7 weeks of film production as I promised, but it's something.

Please give me THAT.

Let me explain. Apparently, I'm experiencing a HEAP of


(but the baby in this case is our little film). Now, no... I won't go all HORMONAL on anyone's asses (pardon my language) but, I've been a bit moody/weepy & weepy/moody.

This apparently comes from being SO DAMN FOCUSED and BUSY and DOING and LIVING for the last 7 weeks, in the weeks leading up to, the actual shooting of, then the editing and post-production... that now, NOW... I don't know WHAT to do with myself. Let me tell you, though... My AMAZING Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Outrageously Creative Human/Director of our Film/No-Longer-the-boss-of-me has a slight case of it, too....and she's not in the least bit NUTTY like I am. She's usually a lighthouse (not in a christian way). The stable thing that sends out a beacon (not in a christian way) to the little leaking ships (like me, and not in a christian way) to find their way back to shore (and not Dinah Shore).

But... the two of us, we ladies of ladyhood... we're a little bit BLUE with the end of it and the exhaustion of it and the idea of starting another IT, and wondering WHAT that IT should or will be.

Sooooooooo... that's where I am. And I'm trying to PULL IT TOGETHER and get back to my writing and start my next project and all that. Exactly.

But (again with the But, and not in a christian way) I DO (and not in a marriage way, as we all know we're not allowed to do that) want to SHARE the way it all WENT DOWN (not in a sexual way) with the film. I'll share that soon.

In the meantime, with all the MENTAL STABILITY I can muster (not mustard, muster) I want to send some LOVE back to you ALL and let you know that there will be a little SHOUT OUT in the CREDITS of the FILM to the readers of LIVE AT LAKERIDGE for all your SUPPORT.

I'm the luckiest POST-PARTUM DEPRESSIONED (with a film, not a baby) Writer I know.

Now... I'm off to fill myself up with B Vitamins and Ginseng and ANY OTHER NATURAL blues-chaser-away item I might find in the aisles of my local Whole Foods.

Soon: The Wordy-Retelling or bust.

xoxoxoxo the lady of the house