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2004-10-06 - 3:33 p.m.

Right. So, like I was saying on 9/28/04: I'm going to do this updating thing EVERYDAY.
Fresh Start. Old Dog/New Tricks. Daily.

Regardless of my continued failures at consistency HERE (at least my failiures are consistent) I will act as if today is day TWO of my previous promise and go with it.

So much, SO MUCH my reader-friends, and yet just the time for a quickie update today.

Let me wet/whet/whett your appetites by mentioning that TOMORROW (yeah, I know... right... we'll believe it when we see it) I promise to tell you the exciting and rambling details of the adventures and good deeds (as always) of my AMAZING* Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Dog Rescuer extraordinaire. I believe we will finally have some CLOSURE on that last part (the dog rescuer thing) and I'll fill you in on that tomorrow.

Isn't it nice, by the way, (supah-doopah nice) that the ONLY THING that Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic Vice Presidential Running Mate John Edwards can AGREE ON is that GAYS shouldn't be allowed to MARRY? Well, i'm thrilled that we same-sexers (hello!) can help provide this common bond that might just make both sides drop their weapons, hug, then square dance while eating cherry pie. Let's all grab a slice of that pie, sit back, VOTE for the better of the two "not the greatest choices ever" on November 2nd and see where we end up.

Anyway....Our FILM (remember that? our short film?) has been making the rounds at FILM FESTIVALS this summer (we've been accepted into EIGHT as of today) and we're going strong! I'm still at work on THE NEXT SCRIPT and pinch myself HOURLY to make sure I'm still breathing. Oy.

Okay.... quickie update now becomes TOOL OF PROCRASTINATION on other projects if I don't end it now... so I will.

More tomorrow (let's see if I can do it, eh?)

xoxoxoxo be GOOD to yourselves.