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2006-01-11 - 4:53 p.m.


Weeks and Weeks.
It’s been Weeks and Weeks (and Weeks)—since I’ve said HELLO and I’ve missed y’all muchly. Diaryland tells me it’s been SIXTY THREE days since I’ve last updated.

YIKES and yet, indeed it has. SIXTY THREE days of things and situations and mini-dramas and labors-of-love and etc. Holidays have been celebrated, old years have become new ones and some of you have most likely had 2 MENSTRUAL CYCLES since I last posted. Oy.

I apologize with all the vigor possible on a Wednesday afternoon in the beginning of January and pledge to try and do better (come on, if it’s ever SIXTY THREE days between updates—ever, ever again—please report me to the authorities and have my liscense revoked and my thumbs broken by a friend of a friend who knows somebody in the mob/mafia/family.

Thank you.

How are you all???
Won’t you tell me?
I’d really like to know.

I will work on a REAL UPDATE, but I would love to see if any of you kids are still around and hear a peep outta you.

Let me just end by saying that I’m more in LOVE with My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex partner/Lady Lover/Meal Ticket/Co-conspirator than EVER before. Wow. She’s the real deal. How did I get so damn lucky, eh?

Okay. More soon.
Loads of good wishes to all of ya’ll.

Xoxoxo ME