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2005-08-02 - 5:20 p.m.

Holy-Smoking Non-Cheese Product!

It has been WAAY TOO LONG since my eyes have gazed upon this tiny little Diaryland update box. I’ve missed y’all, this place, the exchange, the sharing, the creation of graphics that may or may not actually represent ANYTHING contained in my update, etc.

How the hell are y’all?

Busy Summer? Yeah, me too. Lots of busy.

My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Order-Giver just said to me (as if I hadn’t been thinking about it anyway, but…) “Hey Babe (sometimes she calls me Babe… it’s okay) have you written in your diary thing lately? How are all your people doing?” Hmmm… I wonder the same thing. How are all you people doing? What up?

We’ve been working hard with the festival release of our latest film, a documentary, which is being very well received and people are making deals for things to happen and for (hold your breath, cross your fingers, etc) the film to be sold. For Television broadcast, DVD release, etc. So, it’s all very “wait and see”, but apparently there is “talk” and there have been “offers” (which still means NOTHING until things are signed and then it even-more-still means nothing until you get a teeny-tiny little check in the mail, which covers NONE OF YOUR COSTS, but helps pay a couple o’ bills and lets you continue doing what you LOVE to do, no matter HOW MUCH MONEY you do or don’t make.) So…again, crossed fingers and all that.

Right. So, in addish to asking me if I’ve written here lately, My Amazing Girlfriend/Same-Sex Partner/Lady-Lover/Meal Ticket/Order-Giver also just said, “well, say hello to all of them for me…” . Right? So… yeah. SHE says “Hey everybody… whats up?” High fives all the way around. Drinks are on HER.

Busy-Busy with all the goings on and keeping track of continued family-dramas that will NEVER CHANGE and trying to get used to reacting in a less reactive way (eh? Whaaa? Huh???) So. Yeah. Less reactive. Go! Or, I guess… Don’t go.

Seriously, WHATS UP? Lemme hear about it. I wonder if y’all have given up on me, anyway… considering that I’m about as regular as… well…. A person who is very irregular. I think there is a joke about constipation in that last sentence but I can’t quite seem to articulate it… but if you find it, go ahead and laugh… or moan.

Okay… I guess that will be my update for today.

We are OFF on THURSDAY for a MUCH NEEDED TRIP “Up North” with our VERY-VERY-BEST GIRLFRIENDS… an adventure that will surely bring much to report and photos that may accompany or something along those lines. Ish.

Truly…. Deeply, with feeling--- sending ya’ll some GOODNESS.
Take it easy, in the meantime, eh?

Xoxoxo ME