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2006-10-23 - 5:01 p.m.

No, seriously.
Again with the THREE MONTHS.
How can I possibly even be thinking that anyone is still out there after THREE MONTHS of NO UPDATING???

And yet, still... I try.

For those of you still there (thank you, by the way, and HOW ARE YOU?)here's what's going on:

remember that? well... we're still editing and hard at work. It's going to be a beautiful film, but such a tough subject and journey. Will share more on this as it continues to progress.

My AMAZING Girlfriend/Same-sex partner/Lady Lover/Meal Ticket and I still like each other. Wait-- make that LOVE each other. Isn't that crazy??? She stays with me (we're not sure why) and hangs in there, thru all of my craziness and is the calming force in all of this ALLNESS... I don't know how I got so lucky... but I did. I really did. And she's so damn cute, too. Oh geez.

We've been totally sequestered with all our editing...and have been laying low, as they say...but made it out toTWO big parties over the weekend... quite the LEZ FEST... as if we were on an island where all the men had vanished (mysteriously) and there were only women... amazing, wonderful, creative, (some would say "easy-on-the-eyes") WOMEN of all sorts... celebrating. Birthdays. Alot of birthdays...good times. Good times.

So... I'll try. I will try.
Lemme know if anyone is still out there, eh?

I'm off to do. Again with the doing.

Be good to yourselves.... xoxoxo ME